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5 weird road signs you must know

5 Unusual Road Signs to Know Before Your Driver's Exam

Preparing to get your Driver's Permit or License? You must be able to recognize important road signs and know what they mean.

Some signs are easy, like "Stop" and "Yield." But what about all the "weird" signs that don't have words on them? You'll be tested on these signs during your exam. And if you fail to answer correctly, you could fail the entire exam. Worse yet, not knowing these signs could increase your risk of having an accident on the road!

Here are 5 road signs you should know before taking your exam:

  1. Look familiar? This image means there is a school crossing ahead, which means you should slow down, look out for kids, and yield to pedestrians. In many states, drivers' are fined extra for disobeying laws when driving past schools.

  2. What does this mean?! Actually, it's one of the most important signs on the road. It means traffic is merging from two lanes to one. Failure to interpret this sign is the most common reason for accidents in areas where lanes merge.

  3. Hmm… don't drink and drive? No hard braking allowed? Check your tires? Nah – none of those applies here. This sign means "Slippery when wet". It's a warning used in areas where the surface can create extremely slippery conditions when the road is wet, such as a bridge. Proceed with caution and keep a safe driving distance whenever you see this sign.

  4. This sign could save your life, but what does it mean? The H stands for Hospital nearby– and the arrow means to turn right ahead. When looking for a hospital, always look for this blue sign.

  5. Here's another common sign. It means "Keep right" – often because of a divider or other road change ahead. Failure to recognize this sign could put you in the wrong lane or cause you to crash.

These are just a few common signs you'll see on the road. Be sure to check your state Driver's Guidebook to learn and understand other important road markings before you take your exam.

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