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8 Vehicle Controls to Know Before Your Exam

Know How Your Car Works

8 Vehicle Controls You'll Need to Know for Your Driver's Exam

In most states, your Driver's Exam involves more than just the road test. The first few minutes are devoted to checking if you know how to use the vehicle's most critical controls and signals. If you fail this portion of the test, you fail the whole thing.

If you're practicing for your Driver's Test, make sure you know how to operate the following controls in your vehicle:

1) Gas & brake pedal

If you don't know where these are, you're in trouble.

2) Horn

Many tests will require you to know this. For most cars, the horn is in the steering wheel – but be sure to check this in your vehicle.

3) Turn signals

Generally, these are on the side of the steering wheel. Make sure your signal lights are working before the test.

4) Emergency brake

In new vehicles, this is usually located in the center console. But in other vehicles, it may be on the floor.

5) Window

Some tests may require you to have a functioning driver's side window. Know how to open it and make sure it works.

6) Rear-view windows

This includes both the side mirrors and inside rear-view mirror.

7) Seat belt

You shouldn’t be driving if you don't already know where this is or how to use it.

8) Hazard lights

You may be tested on your knowledge of where this control is located and whether the actual lights are working in your vehicle.

If you're not sure where these controls are located, take the time to find out and consult your vehicle manual is necessary.

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