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Drivehacks: More Tips for Safe and Effective Driving

We continue offering you various drivehacks that will help you become a wise and careful driver! Remember, there is always a way out of any predicament!

Make parking sensors

Parking can be very challenging even for skilled and experienced drivers, let alone beginners! You are extremely lucky if your car is equipped with small sensors or cameras that make parking, and consequently your life, easier. However, you can knock together a similar device. All you need is to connect a ping sonic range finder, a gadget that can tell how far away an object is, to an Arduino board and a buzzer. Ta-da! You are now a happy owner of a very helpful device that will alert you to obstacles while parking.

Avoid putting all your keys on a car keychain

Very few people know that a heavy keychain can cause damage to the ignition system of a car. If you put too many keys or trinkets on your car keychain, the insides of a traditional keyed ignition will eventually wear out. With your ignition cylinder damaged, you won’t be able to start your car at best. At worst, the switch that also maintains the electrical circuit can fail while you are driving. If this happens, your car will shut off and have to be towed by a tow truck. To avoid problems, don’t put all your keys on a car keychain.

Convert a car cigarette lighter adapter into a USB charger

Imagine that you desperately need to charge your phone, but you lost your USB charger under the seat… Sounds like a nightmare? Don’t worry because we have a solution! All you need is to modify your car cigarette lighter adapter to power a USB cord. Just strip the wires of your USB cord and splice its red and black wires with the car adapter. Now you can easily charge your phone!

This is not all we can offer to those who are willing to drive safely and effectively! Keep track of your emails and do not miss the next part of the Drivehacks!

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