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Drivehacks: Tips for Safe and Effective Driving (part 1)

Drivehacks: Tips for Safe and Effective Driving (part 1)

We all know about lifehacks, but what do you call useful tips that every sensible driver/car owner might use every once in a while? These sure are drivehacks! And you are welcome to learn them all!

Try not to look at Your Car in the Mirrors

Seeing the flank of your car is not a good idea, although many drivers believe it’s an essential part of safe driving. The fact is that you should position the mirrors of your car in such a way that they will only show the road behind you, and not the car itself. This should be done in order to eliminate blind spots and see the road clearly when you’re changing lanes. This is an unusual, yet a much safer mirror placement.

Cool Down your Car Easily and Quickly

Everybody knows how unpleasant it is to step into a hot car heated by the blazing sun. When the windows and the doors are closed it gets so stuffy inside that it becomes really difficult to breathe in there. You can sure turn your air conditioner on, but it will still take several minutes for the car to cool down. There is another – and much quicker - way to solve the problem – first open a window, then go to the opposite side of the car and repeatedly open and close one of the doors. This will make the air inside the car circulate, and quickly decrease the temperature.

Hypermiling or Energy-Efficient Driving

We don’t mind saving some money whenever it’s possible, and driving isn’t an exception. If you really want to make the most of your car, try hypermiling – a whole set of techniques that will help your vehicle use less gasoline. One of the methods includes anticipating the road as much as possible in order to avoid hard breaking – it will save some fuel and help lower the maintenance costs.

A good driver is a sensible driver, so make sure you resort to these helpful tips and tricks and enjoy safe and delightful driving! 
And remember: this is only the beginning! Get even more drivehacks in our next article! You definitely don’t want to miss it – so check your email every day!


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