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Nervous about your Driver's Exam?

How to Relieve Anxiety Before Your Driver's Exam

Everyone gets nervous before a Driver's Exam. But you can't let that anxiety hurt your performance on the test. Follow these simple tips to keep calm and be confident during your Driver's Exam.

1) Be prepared.

Nothing causes more anxiety than being unprepared for your Driver's Exam. This is the single easiest source of stress to eliminate! All you need to do is study. Know what's on the test and practice as much as possible in the months leading up to your exam. The more prepared you are, the more confident you'll be.

2) Eat well and get a good night's sleep.

A lot of stress in our lives can be reduced and eliminated by simply being healthy. The same goes for Driver's Exam anxiety. By getting a full night's rest and eating a complete breakfast on the day of the test, your body will function properly and be less jittery.

3) Ask for support

Bring a close friend or relative with you to your exam. Ask them to stay while you take the test. Don't bring someone who will bring negative or nervous energy, or you'll only feel worse. Only bring someone who is grounded, calm and who will act as your personal cheerleader.

4) Keep busy

If your test isn't until later in the day, or several days away, don't focus on it too much (except when studying). Distract yourself with other activities, so you're not constantly stressing yourself out.

5) Take deep breaths

You're in line. You're waiting. Your exam will start any minute now. And you're FREAKING OUT. In situations like this, there's not much you can do except breathe. Take deep breaths, in and out. Everything will be fine.

What's the worst thing that can happen? You fail the test – no big deal. So you'll take it again some other time. Keep that in mind as a reminder that your Driver's Exam is not life-or-death. No need to be so nervous.

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