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Thanksgiving Road Safety Tips

Are you planning a long trip this Thanksgiving? Believe us, you’re hardly the only one! There are dozens of things to do before you leave and hundreds of things to think about from choosing the best time to start the engine of your car to finding the best occupation for your kids. But fortunately there is no need to look for the pieces of information you need – we’ve prepared for you a complete list of useful Thanksgiving safety tips! Read them and be ready for a pleasant journey followed by a hearty family dinner!

  • When you’re on the road keep in mind the three dangerous D’s of driving – drowsy, distracted, and drunk. Remember that it’s better to start your trip in the morning because in the evening drivers are usually drowsy and the number of cars on road is much bigger than in the first half of the day. When choosing the date for returning home opt for Sunday, not Saturday, because the majority of Americans prefer to return a bit earlier to spend some time at home (as a result, there are thousands of cars on Saturday roads). Interestingly enough, Thanksgiving crashes are mostly caused not by drunk drivers (as it happens on New Year’s Day or on the Fourth of July) but by the big number of cars and long distances the drivers have to pass.
  • When packing your luggage make sure it’s secured. In case a box with a holiday gift or a bottle of wine you’re taking to your family is not fastened there is a high risk for it to fall during the trip and be broken, spoil your clothes or even hurt one of the passengers. The same is about the pets that travel with you – secure them in some kind of safety container and if you have to stop quickly and unexpectedly it will increases their safety.
  • It’s well-known that drunk driving can be deadly but we seldom take it into account that “stuffed driving” can be no less dangerous. After Thanksgiving we don’t want to spend time having a good dinner and sleeping it off – instead we prefer to eat a few pieces of leftover turkey, get into the car, and rush back home. The idea is really bad – turkey contains lots of Tryptophan, and amino acid that causes drowsiness. Together with several pieces of a pumpkin pie and a meat casserole it will surely make your feel tired and sleepy an hour after you start your trip. It would be much better and safer if you sleep off your turkey dish and then drive home in the morning after a light breakfast.
  • Keeping your children occupied in the back seat of your car is no less important than driving wisely and responsibly. Prepare games, toys or videos that will entertain them and make sure that all these activities don’t distract the driver. Remember that the driver is the person who takes the responsibility of bringing you back home safely, so play with the children and let him or her perform the most important task keeping eyes on the road.

These are the main and the most vital things for you to keep in mind while planning your Thanksgiving trip, so never let them slip your attention! Spend a wonderful and safe time with your family and take more Driving Tests to feel secure on the road!

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