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Top 10 Scariest Cars

Some cars had been associated with Halloween spook long before the tradition of trunk-or-treating appeared. And the reason for the scary association was not only their names! Some of them are simply scary ugly; others are so fast that a ride in them will make your blood curdle; the rest are scary to drive.  Read on to learn all about the scariest cars and get ready for a quiz that follows!

Originally made as a subseries of the Plymouth Belvedere, Plymouth Fury was introduced in 1956 and was available till 1978, but it actually lasted longer and even served as the title character in a 1983 horror movie.

Mercury Marauder will give you the creeps because it came from the dead twice! Originally introduced in 1963, it was discontinued in 1965 and reintroduced 4 years later. However, the second resurrection did not last long – Mercury Marauder was re-discontinued, if we may say so, in 1970, but only to be re-reintroduced in 2003! Zombie car? Yikes!

Dodge Demon was introduced in 1971. It was only available for 2 years, but it rocked a devilish logo that is considered by many to be one of the top car emblems of all time. Unfortunately, some religious groups thought it to be offensive, but Dodge Demon is still a hot rodding legend!

Plymouth Prowler was introduced in 1997, but it has a vintage design that is probably the reason why its sales reached the peak of 3,921 models sold in 1999. The last Plymouth Prowler was sold in Canada in 2002.

AMC Gremlin was introduced in the 1970s in response to the gas crisis. In fact, two of the US Presidents – Bill Clinton and George W. Bush - drove the car at a younger age. AMC Gremlin is a compact vehicle, but many enthusiasts have used its ability to accommodate larger engines to convert it into a muscle car.

Pontiac Firebird is a Pegasus on four wheels (scary, huh?) The car was introduced in 1967 and had four generations before it was discontinued. However, Pontiac Firebird still lives in our memory because it is a sister to one of the most popular muscle cars of the modern day.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘probe’? Well, it may be a pending doctor’s appointment that makes you squirm uneasily on your seat or a flying saucer with little green men and their squeaky-clean examination rooms, but certainly not a posh car. Still, Ford Probe exists, to the horror of all motorists, and was even featured in one of the Back to the Future movies.    

Remember the cyclone that moved Dorothy and Toto to Munchkin country? With its 428 Cobra Jet, 1960s Mercury Cyclone is just as scary powerful!

Shadows have always been associated with mysteries and danger. However, Dodge Shadow can only boast of an unappealing design and a 4- or 6-cylinder engine, which make it a practical, yet very basic car introduced in the mid-1980s.

Last but not least, Dodge Viper is still available and able to frighten the living daylights of average car owners. It also used to scare the pants off those whose budget is tight, but now its price has been lowered, which is obviously the reason why more and more people are eager to buy the 640-horse beast.


Hope these cars have not scared the wits out of you! And now, it’s time to test your immediate memory and answer 10 questions about the scariest cars!

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