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What nobody warns you about Drivers Exams

5 Things They Don't Teach You in Driver's Ed Class

No matter how hard you study you driver's manual, you're probably in for some surprises during your Driver's Exam.

There are some things about the exam that they don't teach in your Driver's Ed class. And if you don't know what to do or how to respond during the exam, you could fail.

Here are some of those little-known "surprises" and how to handle them.

1) There's no small talk.

While there are some exceptions to this, most exam instructors are not looking to have a conversation with you. Their job is serious -- to grade your driving skills without interruption or distraction. So, aside from a simple, friendly "hello," you should keep quiet during the exam unless the instructor asks you a question.

2) You're being judged before you even get in the car.

This may sound unfair, but test administrators will immediately form impressions about you, based on things that have nothing to do with your driving skills. What you're wearing, your body language, and the condition and cleanliness of your vehicle can all influence how you're perceived as a driver. Do yourself a favor: dress well on exam day, look alert, and make your vehicle look spotless.


3) Curveballs may be thrown at you.


In some cases, a test administrator may test you by suggesting something that seems to contradict your drivers' manual. For example, a particularly sneaky instructor might suggest that the posted speed limit isn't correct. Is it true? Nope, probably not. Be prepared for these curveballs – always stick to the laws and the rules in your drivers' manual.

4) The exam isn't limited to the driving course.


Some states conduct their exams on manufactured driving courses. But just because you've finished the course doesn't mean the exam is over. For example, if you've already exited the course but then you "roll" through a stop sign on the way back to the test center, you will fail your test. The exam isn't over until you and the instructor are out of the car!

5) Don't start driving before doing this…


Instructors will get in the car with their papers and tell you to start driving. But this is just a test to see if you are following your manual. Before you ever start driving, you must check your mirrors and fasten your safety belt. The instructor wants you to visually show this, even if he has specifically requested it aloud.

Talk to other drivers about their exams to learn other secrets like these that aren't included in the driver's manual. The fewer surprises on exam day, the more likely you'll pass.

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